Zulu Dawn Class Cruisers
Production information


■ Fire support (Light class)

■ Heavy support vessel (Heavy class)



■"Give away" Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (1)

■Double barrel Laser turrets (prototypes) (20)

■Archer Missile Pods (300)

■50mm Point Defence Guns(40)

Service information

Participated battles:

■ Firefight near Zonacon's Moon (Zulu Dawn)



Known commanders:

Unknown UNSC Captain



"This is the prototype Zulu Dawn-class light cruiser, Zulu Dawn."
—A unknown Red Team soldier, intourding the crew of the Zulu Dawn to the Zulu Dawn.

The Zulu Dawn was a Cruiser class in the UNSC Navy, there was meant to be six made only one was built, that was the Zulu Dawn. The Zulu Dawn-class cruisers were a mix between a Halcyon-class light cruiser and a Marathon-class heavy cruiser.

There was a Zulu Dawn-light class cruiser and a Zulu Dawn-heavy class cruiser, it is unknown what the difference between the two would be apart from heavier armor on the Zulu Dawn-heavy class cruiser.


The Zulu Dawn was made after the Human-Covenant War she was never made to fight the Covenant it was made to be used to fight what was left of the Covenant and Rebels, her appearance was made to scare the enemy.


"If this ship is gonna die, she's gonna die guns blazing, FIRE!!!!!"
—Zulu Dawn's captain during the Zulu Dawn's first battle.

Zulu Dawn-class Cruisers were equipped with the standard issue "give away" MAC gun and where later upgraded to a prototype Railgun, twenty prototype double barrel Laser turrets. These weapons proved themself when the ships missiles where offline, this was due to the lack of A.I.s at the time, they where also armed with 50mm Point Defence Guns and Archer Missile Pods.

The "give away" MAC guns where given the nickname "give away" as when fired if the ship was using camo it had the ship visable for a whole ten minutes, and showed up on radar for twenty seconds, once they where removed and put a prototype Railgun where okay as it stopped showing up on radar when used camo.


The Zulu Dawn class Cruisers where to the top brass "A class of warship that is as useful as a training ship." The reason for this comment was first said once the blue prints where shown. The Weapons where spread out and most couldn't help the other, one flaw was the double barrel Laser turrets, during testing they meant to be better then a 50mm Point Defence Guns, but they where slower then them and jammed too much, this was due to the weapons been tasted not in space where they suffered many problems.

Other Zulu Dawn namesEdit

Though only the Blazing Hell was the only Zulu Dawn-class cruiser made their where lots of names to pick from, it is unknown why they didn't build a Zulu Dawn-heavy class cruiser.

  • Zulu Dawn (was the name for one Zulu Dawn-light class cruiser)
  • Imperial Red
  • Imperial Guard
  • Imperial Warhammer (was the name of one Zulu Dawn-heavy class cruiser)
  • Warhammer
  • Zulu


After the Zulu Dawn was built and she came back from her first battle the fate of the Zulu Dawn-class Cruisers was then sealed, the prototype Zulu Dawn-Heavy class Cruiser Imperial Warhammer was ripped apart and her parts where used to make other ships, it is unknown why they where scraped.


  • Zulu Dawn is the name of a movie.


  • Non known

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