Zotoss Empire Edit

The Zotoss Empire which has existed for millennia occupied a largely lifeless corner of the galaxy with most encountered life being primitive. It is unknown how the Zotoss came to occupy a region of the galaxy filled with such drastically more primitive life forms than itself. Building a massive empire the Zotoss possess highly advanced technology and have cooperative relations with the Central Systems League. Strongly allied with the Prothi Empire a similarly minded neighboring Empire whom made contact with the Zotoss upon merging territories after centuries of colonialism. Creating a strong trade alliance and diplomatically avoiding war with one another the Zotoss and Prothi have lived peacefully as neighbors since their contact over several centuries ago.

Horde Contact Edit

After noticing heightened radio wave disturbances along with trade routes with the Central Systems League being disrupted the Zotoss military sent a scouting party into the region of space separating these entities to find hundreds of habitable systems. Scientific teams on these worlds never returned and soon after it was discovered that an intelligent hive mind species bent on conquest lived within the shells of these largely barren worlds and occupied a significant portion of galactic territory. Alerting the Prothi and Central Systems Coalition of the threat the factions began quarantine efforts of the region to little avail and failed to prepare for the highly intelligent and goal driven mind of the enemy which quickly spread into these regions and easily combatted the three enemies while still growing towards Milky Way Alliance space.

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