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Background Edit

The Yalan are a highly intelligent and massive species native to the low gravity, oxygen rich planet of Temoir. Living primarily with nature the Yalan are deeply rooted in the environment and its preservation. Living a relatively simple life the Yalan have remained reclusive and self sustained within several colonized systems. Yalan technology is primarily controlled through millions of tiny feelers scattered all around the body which react specifically with their technology.

At some point during their history the Yalan began a great expansion period and encountered various life forms until coming across the Seran ruled by Rorich under the Rorich Empire. Witnessing countless allies fall to the Empire the Yalan helpless to subdue to threat were targeted and largely wiped out eventually dismantling their homeworld of all technology and returning to a primitive animalistic appearing life style while delving deeper into psychological advancement. The Empire was never able to locate a homeworld and believed to have wiped the species out. The Yalan eventually discovered that the Empire was no longer present in their region of space and began reassembling many of their buried machines however as a species they largely lived among nature on colonies which featured impressive defensive stations and fleets.

Upon being encountered on one of their undefended colonies, a spiritual oasis planet designated for cleansing the mind and body of worry and stress the Milky Way Alliance originally discounted the Yalan as a native animal life until communication with the creatures revealed otherwise. The Yalan joined the Alliance as an Embassy member.

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