Wuth 'Bukobas
Wuth 'Bukorbas
Biographical information

Full name:

Wurth' Bukobas




Unknown (Age: 38)








7' 8"

Eye color:


Political and military information


Culdon Cult


Shipmaster/B.O.B Heretic (Class: Zealot)

Notable info:

The only B.O.B Sangheili that has most classified infomation and only B.O.B that commands squads into battle


Battle of Reach

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Wuth 'Bukorbaz was a classified Zealot/Heretic, served as a colonel of the Culdon and the shipmaster of the Shadow until Darkness. To most records of Wuth, his is mostly classified by most Covenant files.

Early Service and HistoryEdit

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Serving of the CuldonEdit

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Shadows into Darkness' ShipmasterEdit

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Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Many noble B.O.Bs use many weapons of the Covenant, Wurth choses many weapons into battle for a great vengence of Leadership for his squads and blood among the ones, he slowly kills off, one by one. These are the weapons that he uses at times.

  • Energy Sword (Main Weapon of Choice)
  • Plasma Reapeater (Secondary Weapon/Main Rifle)
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Concussion Rifle (Secondary Weapon/Secondary Rifle)
  • Fuel Rod Gun (Rarely)
  • Needle Rifle
  • Needler

Wurth', like most B.O.B Sangheili, use most equipment and armor abilites. Although he sometimes needs equipment for leading any squads with him, he mostly uses it sometimes, but not every time since he is a well combat-trained B.O.B

  • Active Camoflauge (Main Armor Ability)
  • Armor Lock (Secondary Armor Ability)
  • Evade
  • Sprint
  • Jetpack (Rarely)
  • 2x Direct Energy Shielding

Wurth' can use Vehicles for transport. Though he can use Dropships like Phantoms or Spirits, but chooses not to because he needs ones that can damage enemy forces during battles. He most commonly uses light-armored and heav-armored ground vehicles, but also sometimes uses anti-air vehicles.

  • Wraith (Main Vehicle)
  • Revenant (Secondary Vehicle)
  • Ghost
  • Banshee
  • Space Banshee (Rarely)
  • Phantom (Drop off only)
  • Sprit (Drop off only)

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