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Vata 'Knoar's Covenant faction
Government overview


Extreamist/terrorist organization


Vata 'Knoar

Societal overview



Official language(s):

Sangheili language serves as lingua franca; various languages spoken by different races

Official script(s):

Forerunner glyph-based system

Historical overview




This remnant faction is one of several splinter group of the former Covenant who continued to oppose the UNSC in the wake of the Human-Covenant War and the Great Schism. The group was founded by Fleet Master Vata 'Konar in late 2552.



With the San 'Shyuums betrayal, Fleet Master Vata 'Knoaree rallied all of his forces and demanded that all non-Sangheili forces aboard his ships and on the surface of Natal to be executed. With his victory at Natal and establishing a stronghold on the planet, his fleet took control of the rest of the Davros system.

Notable individualsEdit

  • Vata 'Konar - The faction's founder and leader.
  • Yalan 'Lodim - The second in command.
  • Isna 'Moram - A ex-konvict that Vata 'Knoar broke out of a maximum-security Sangheili penitentiary. He was one of many Sangheili whom assisted Ripa 'Moramee in his attempt to overthrow his clan and was one of his most trusted allies.

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