aka Micheal James Charbonneau

  • I live in Bangor, Washington
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is U.S. Navy
  • I am Male
  • Michael.Dreams

    Due to some change of accounts the prophets side with the high council and agree to attempt to assimilate Humanity into the covenant. Perhaps the prophets see that humanity could be used for easier reclamation of forerunner artifacts and were biological creations of the forerunners to be used as tools and guides through forerunner relics similarly to how to forerunners created the Engineers.

    In this Covenant Humanity might be similar to some of the covenant races who while serving the Covenant did not necessarily believe in the Great Journey but rather to avoid war and to gain accelerated advancement agreed to join the Covenant fleets. Humanity would perhaps have an embassy of their own that dealt with relations with the covenant and humani…

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  • Michael.Dreams

    I am thinking of starting a fan fiction revolving around a small group of characters, some captains, officers, marines, ODST's, spartans, you name it. I would also like a small number of ships or a small battle group be part of the main setting. The objective of the battle group can varry as long as they are operating beyond UNSC Space to some degree. Please feel free to let me know if you are at all interested. I would really like it to be a group effort by a small team. 

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  • Michael.Dreams

    Feedback Wanted

    February 1, 2014 by Michael.Dreams

        A wiki functions as a community of creators and enthusists to express and also learn. Part of that expression involves a bit of learning. To learn we need feedback to express we can deliver such. I wont go on and on in a philosophical rant regarding the principals of feedback. My point being. I would very much appreciate some feedback on my articles based on the story content. Michael.Dreams (talk) 01:00, February 1, 2014 (UTC)

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