Forgotten to time and conflict the Usaris System is home to 6 planets inhabited by various sub species of humans. While the origins of the systems inhabitants is unknown O.N.I prowlers surveying the system have postulated that the asteroid belt composed of ancient warships orbiting the star is likely heavily linked to the systems habitation. Based on samples gathered from the system the genetic code of the many human inhabitants is largely identical with the exception of an unknown element which causes hightened evolutionary changes to the specimen allowing for survival of the species in unnatural environments with a preservation of the original specimens fundamental genetic arrangement. This discovery explains how the inhabitants are able to live on all of the system planets with minimal technological interference with the exception of the systems closest star Zagon.

System Edit

Type K Main sequence star: Usaris

Terrestrial volcanic world: Zagon (Mining colony)

Terrestrial desert world: Crodon (Crodites, home of the Resistance)

Terrestial Rainforest world: Orgon (Orgonians, Orgonian Tribes, Protectorate of the Tir Republic)

Gas Giant with four Earth like moons: Perzi Prime, Perzi I,II,III,IIII (Perzians home of the Perzi Empire)

Super Earth with various synthetic satellites: Tir, (Tirites, Home of the Tir Republic)

Usaris Conflict Edit

When the system was discovered it did no take long to realize there was a conflict plagueing the system and its many inhabitants. The Perzi Empire in an attempt to seize control of the system has locked itself into a war with the Tir Republic who has attempted to liberate and protect the defenseless less advanced worlds of Crodon and Orgon. The Empire in recent decades has seized control of the world of Zagon, a volcanic mining planet closest to the sun, and has met heavy resistance from Crodon, a desert planet second from the sun. Orgon is considered a protectorate by The Republic and has been blockaded by Imperial forces in an attempt to reach and reinforce Crodon.

The dedication of resources to the blockade of Crodon should have given the Tir Republic the opportunity to assault the Perzi Empire on another front or even take back Zagon however it is heavily involved in a brewing civil war which limits its ability to leave its own home world Tir, with less defenses.

The Tir Republics homeworld is actually a Forerunner shield world which is what sparked initial investigation by O.N.I., this leads researchers to postulate that while the colony was settled around the same time by refugees of whatever war created the ring of warships around the planet, the Tir Republic and Perzi Empire advanced faster due to the natural technological advantages they developed on as the moons of Perzi have an abundance of forerunner relics and floating cities on Perzi Prime act as the headquarters for the Empire and seem to be forerunner or ancient human in origin as well.

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