Unggoy Imperial Light Assault Cruiser
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Light Assault Cruiser


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Second Human-Covenant War


  • Unggoy Republic
  • Balaho Empire

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"They were smart, I think its only fair we admit we would have done the same thing. Cloaking ships that size... and we used to think they were the least of our worries." -ONI Agent regarding the Balaho Empire Scam Incident. 

Unggoy Light Assault Cruirser Edit

  The Light Assault Cruiser is the Unggoy Empire's most abundant large space vessel. While little over 600 meters the ship is bulbous and carriers a huge capacity for destruction. The ship was introduced in 2556


  • 60 Concussive Defense Cannons
  • 30 Fuel Rod Launchers 
  • 100 Pulse Defense Lasers 
  • 1 Large EMP Cannon
  • 1 Plasma Torpedo Bay
  • Cloaking Technology 


  • 500 Siege Walkers 
  • 1,000 Fighters
  • 100 Lasso Tanks
  • 200 Ground Combat Frame Vehicles


  • 600m in legnth 
  • 300m in hieght 
  • 400m in width 

Crew SizeEdit

  • 3,500

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