The Thermopile is the main Ship of which the Spartan-Vs operate off of. it was at the purge of earth in 2556 when the flood was driven off the planet and out of the orbit. along with it's sister ship, The Sentry of Light, they chased the remaining flood ships out of the Sol system

History, Armaments, and Compliments.Edit

The Thermopile while only in service a short time has so far created an almost god like record around itself and it's crew. It was the first ship of it's kind, designed to be able to crush smaller vessels in a flash of fury and speed while still being manuverable and fast giving it the ability to crush the ships in it's path deploy the Spartan-Vs and jump out of system coming back with the fleet later on to retreive the spartans and crush the resistance if there is any that is. At the battle of sigil octuis the Thermopile crushed a covenant Loyalist fleet with it's Upgraded MAC cannon before the fleet jumped in-system the Thermopile destroyed half of the fleet and was launching single craft fighters against them the rest of the fleet jumped to action and helped the thermopile destroy the remaining ships.

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UNSC Thermopile
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