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UNSC standard power armor mark I was the first installment of human power armor for mass production and integration into the armed forces. The armor was designed in 2578 to bring the UNSC fighting force into the modern era. The armors production was stalled in 2582 when funding was rerouted to building defenses for Earths impending invasion. The technology to create the armor largely existed prior to the human covenant war and was simply unconventional but with the evolution of war away from ballistic and into plasma and energy based weaponry the ballistic repulsion technology of infantry battle armor was insufficient in dealing with current threats. Humanity had luckily sustained itself off of century old technology and managed to become a leading power in military might in the galaxy by the latte 2500's however it was long overdue for an overhaul led armor package. The armor picked up production again in 2592 seeing full installment as early as 2595


UNSC SPA mk. I Edit

SPA Mk. I was the first power armor to be introduced to the common soldier within the UNSC. It represented a drastic evolution for the UNSC and the Human species In terms of military capabilities. The armor was not nearly as sturdy as Spartan armor of the era but it allowed unaugmented soldiers to fight longer without fatigue, Exo-skeleton allowing soldiers to perform more difficult physical tasks, and powered shielding. This combined with the natural human tenacity made humans an even greater threat and allowed them to more effectively combat enemies.

The armor was designed in response to the formiddable war against the Dominion and featured absorbant gel layers, plasma resistant armor, shield System, radar, and many more systems formerly reserved for ODST units and Spartan soldiers. The powered armor allowed humans to combat the same threats that Spartan programs were dedicated to handling. Whlie SPA Mk. I did not make a human soldier equal to a Brute or Elite it allowed them to better defend themselves against such targets and in groups easily overwhelm these once impossible targets.

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