UNSC Lexington
20101010142023!UNSC Saratoga
Production information


Reyes-McLees Shipyards


Charon-Class Light Frigate


Fleet Escort Duties, Planetary defense



Naoto Technologies V4/L-DFR

Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


60cm Titanium-A battleplate


Flares (200+)


  • Mark II, Light Coil – 83B6R3/MAC
  • M58 Archer Missile pods (50 pods)
  • M870 Rampart 50mm Point Defense Guns (4)
  • M4093 Hyperion Nuclear Delivery System (3 silos)
Service information

Known commanders:


United Nations Space Command Navy


UNSC Lexington is the Support ship for the Home Fleet during the Human-Covenant Wars


The UNSC Lexington was built at the Reye-Lee Shipyards in orbit around Mars, the construction of the Lexington went well after. the full construction of the Lexington the first test of her Magnetic Acceleration Cannon gun was a success and the gun was mounted onto the ships forward section, Commander William Telfer over saw the construction of the ship after the destruction of the UNSC Franklin during the battle of Kobol, with most of the surviving crew Commander Tyson, Lieutenant Donald, Ensign Mason, Dr. Samuels, and Lieutenants Kelly Williams and Lisa Williams. The Lexington had a full Command staff ready to board her and rejoin the War efforts, And help the UNSC defeat the Covenant and prevent Earth from being Glassed like all of the other planets that fell during the War with the Covenant.


In 2546 in orbit above the Mars planet the Lexington was constructed with five worker drones flying around, improving the ship systems, to have it better equipped to handle the stresses of Slipspace travel. And the cryo-tubes were installed onto the ship for personnel not on duty but some officers don't want to go into the cryo-tubes due to the complications of the freezer burns that a person can get with frequent cryo-sleep. Commander Martin sees the systems installed during his shore leave and while he was visiting his father Admiral Martin.

service recordEdit

First Battle of HarvestEdit

Second Battle of HarvestEdit

Liberation of HarvestEdit

Battle of ArcadiaEdit

Fall of ReachEdit

In 2552 the Lexington was on patrol for any sign of Covenant Forces and to keep them from finding the way to Earth, but when Captain William Telfer, was ordered back to Reach to help the Epsilon Eridani Defense force. Repel the Covenant Fleet but by the time the ship Got Reach the Fleet was destroyed, and Reach was glassed by a massive Covenant Armada Telfer ordered a random Jump to keep the Covenant forces from finding Earth, but the Covenant were busy glassing Reach and destroying what's left of the Defense Fleet and the shipyards and Anchor 9.

Command StaffEdit

Commanding OfficersEdit

Executive OfficersEdit

Chief Conn OfficerEdit

Chief Tactical/Security OfficerEdit

Chief of OperationsEdit

Chief EngineerEdit

Chief Medical OfficerEdit

Damage reportsEdit

Covenant carrier encounterEdit

Chief Engineer DonaldEdit

  • Main power down
  • MAC Gun off-line
  • Hull breaches on decks 12-15
  • sections 23-30 on deck 11 exposed to Space

Causality ReportEdit

Dr. SamuelsEdit

  • 15 crewmen wounded
  • 5 critically wounded
  • 11 officers dead including Captain


Senior StaffEdit


Major Sarah Wilson

Corporal Adam Mitchell

Private Eddie Langford

Lance Corporal Rachel Ogle

Private First Class Samantha Anderson

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