UNSC Franklin
Production information




Paris-Class Frigate


Fleet Escort Atmospheric Fire support



Fusion Drives

Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


3m of Titanium-A armor


Emergency thrusters


  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannons (1)
  • Shiva-class Nuclear Missiles (8)
  • Archer Missile pods (60)
  • 50mm point-defense gun (68)
Service information

Year introduced:






Participated battles:

Human-Covenant War


Epsilon Eridani

Noteworthy crewmembers:

Cmdr. Tyson

Known commanders:

Adam Mitchell UNSC Paris Class Frigate UNSC Franklin.



In the late 24th century the United Space Command forces started building smaller Fleet support vessels that can fight both in Space and in Space, they came up with the Paris Class frigates constructed in the Fleet Shipyards in orbit around Mars along with the soon to be more interesting Class the Charon-Class Frigates the United Space Command first launched the UNSC Franklin in 2518 along with a few of her sister ships and were sent out to explore the galaxy, and defend colonies from rebel forces that hated being out on their own.

Discovery of the Covenant EmpireEdit

In 2546 the Franklin was sent out to search for a missing UNSC Warship that was sent to the Epsilon Eridani system to meet up with the Defense Fleet there to better defend the inner colonies from Rebels, When the Franklin got to the ship they found nothing but a dead hulk and lifeless bodies floating in space. Then unknown Ships came towards the Task force that was sent by the UNSC to search for the missing Warship and the first contact didn't go well the unknown vessels open fire on the Franklin and her battle group the larger vessels were destroyed but the Franklin made it to Slipspace and jumped to the nearest UNSC Base to warn the Brass of the invasion.


In 2552 during the defense of Reach the Defense force was met with overwhelming force from a massive Covenant Armada that engaged the fleet and the Franklin was struck on her starboard side taking out her port Engine and causing massive damage to the outer Hull and killing half of her crew including Captain Mitchell, First Officer John Tyson ordered the crew to abandon ship proceed to the nearest Escape pods and make your way to the nearest Slip capable ship and make random jumps to Earth per the Cole Protocol. The surviving senior officers made it off the ship but resulted in the lost of the Franklin and the entire defense fleet.

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