UNSC Destiny
Production and crew information

Full name:

Marathon-class cruiser


United Nations Space Command

Manufacturing Location:



Captain James Roden



Technical information


1,192 meters (3,910 ft)


293 meters (960 ft)


2 Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, Oversized Archer missile pods (100 missiles each), 50 mm Point-defense guns, 7 Fusion rockets


50 Longsword interceptors, Pelican dropships, Marines, ODSTs, HEVs, Spartan-IVs, Warthogs, Scorpions, Hornets

The UNSC Destiny (FFG-980) was a modified Marathon-class heavy cruiser in service with the UNSC Navy during the events of the Human-Covenant War, and one of the few of its kind to survive the Battle of Earth.


Construction & Early HistoryEdit

The Destiny was built above earth along with other similar ships in 2530. For most of its time, the Destiny served as a defensive ship in the Home Fleet of Earth. The ship was assaulted during the Battle of Earth and was heavily damaged, but managed to transport to the edge of the Sol system with no power but life support still running.

In 2553, the Denstiny accidentally drifted into the area of space where the UNSC Infinity was under construction. After rescuing Destiny, ONI officials demanded that its crew remain in the area and never return to Earth. This of course did not last long, and in 2557 the workers on Destiny demanded freedom. They managed to make a slipspace jump to above Earth, but were attacked by the now-finished Infinity before they could communicate with Earth.

Despite desperate escape attempts, the Destiny was forced to return to the Oort cloud, where the captain of the Infinity agreed to recomission and free the Destiny on two conditions: that the ship be majorly upgraded with doubled weapons armament including Spartan-IVs, and that the crew never speak to anyone of the Infinity's creation and assault on the Destiny.

Five-Planet WarEdit

The UNSC Destiny was deployed to end a war between five planets that had begun in a formerly Covenant-occupied system. The Sangheilli Arbiter Thel Vadam had engaged a ruthless religions rebellion that had arisen on one of the planets.


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