Blue Prints of the Deliverance Class Frigate
UNSC Deliverance Class Frigate
Production information


Hephaestus Forges

Class and Model:

Deliverance Class Frigate


Anti-fighter, assault warship, troop deployment

Technical specifications








Post-War Engines. 5 main engines, 4 side engines. Additional Maneuvering engines/thrusters

Slipspace drive:

Post war drive

Navigation system(s):

A.I. and ship board navigation systems and officer

Other system(s):



60cm Titanium A with ceramic internal coat


Independently charged Twin MAC 25 Rail Guns 30 Point Defense Guns 20 Offensive Lasers 50 m42 Archer missile pods (40 missiles per pod = 2,000 missiles) 1 EMP Cannon


12 Pelicans 70 Broadsword fighters 20 Wasps 10 Warthogs 2 Wolverines 3 Cobras 2 Scorpion Tanks



Chronological and affiliation


Second Human-Covenant War


Prototyped in 2558 mass production in 2560


United Nations Space Command

This is a Maverick Article

"With all due respect, you outfitted the fleet with four Deliverance class frigates... don't you think that's a bit over kill? What are you expecting to find?"..... "War."  -Two unknown admirals to one another regarding the invasion fleet for Hesduros (2562)


The Deliverance class Attack frigate dwarfs all previouse class of frigate and boarders on the classification of light cruiser. At 650m in legnth, 225m in hieght, and 250 meteres in width the Deliverance class frigate is an imposing peice of artillery. The UNSC Deliverance was prototyped in 2558 and assessed until 2560 when mass production began.


The Deliverance class frigate serves as a fleet support vessel capable of dibilitating swarms of enemy fighters and combating larger vessels. A Deliverance class frigate can easily hold its own against multiple similar sized vessels whilst defending against endless waves of fighters. The Deliverance has been noted to complement attack fleets best. Expeditionary units on high risk operations are usually complemented by one for protection. When used in defensive engagements the Deliverance is best used at the front lines where its EMP cannon, fighter waves, and missiles attakcs can be most debilitating before being reinforced by larger war ships after the preliminary counter strike. Overall the frigate is most unconventional during defensive operations due to its profound striking abilities. Deliverance fills the role as an assault frigate making it ideal for fleet support and troop deployment, not to be confused with the expansive carrying capability of the Lancer Class light frigate, but greater than that of the Bantam heavy frigate.  

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