Production information


Hephaestus Forges


Deliverance Class Frigate


Attack Support, Independent Special Operations



Post-War Engines. 5 main engines, 4 side engines. Additional Maneuvering engines/thrusters

Slipspace drive:

Post War Slip-space drive.


60cm Titanium A


Cloaking and EMP Cannon


Independently charged Twin MAC 25 Rail Guns 30 Point Defense Guns 20 Offensive Lasers 50 m42 Archer missile pods (40 missiles per pod = 2,000 missiles) 1 EMP Cannon

Other Systems:

A.I. Smit

Service information

First Use:

Repelling rebel and remnant forces across former UNSC outer colonies region.



Last Sighting:

Battle of Triton


2580, rammed into Dominion Guardian ship and impacted core.


Battle of Kale Battle of Hercules Battle of Arcturus IV Invasion of Hesudus Battle of Triton


2558 Home Fleet/Independent 2562 13th Battle group

Notable Crew:

Captain Charo Spartan Commander Chandler


Macyn Oxford Charo (2558-XXXX)


United Nations Space Command

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The UNSC Deliverance blue print.

"Don't worry, Deliverance was part of that unit, they'll be fine." -Captain Dawn T. McIntyre 

UNSC Deliverance Edit

The UNSC Deliverance is the protoype vessel of the Deliverance Class Frigate  model which began mass production in late 2560. The UNSC Deliverance was also one of the few ships early on to boast a Spartan company on board lead by a Spartan Commander. Deliverance began her maiden voyage in 2558. 

Spartan Company On BoardEdit

  • Spartan Commander Chandler-1 (2558)
  • Fireteam Thermal-5 Spartans (2558)
  • Fireteam Patriot-10 Spartans (2558)
  • Fireteam Copper-5 Spartans (2559)
  • Fireteam Cutlass-6 Spartans (2559)
  • Fireteam Boxer-5 Spartans (2560)
  • Fireteam Moxie-6 Spartans (2560)
  • Total 38 Spartans



  • 750m Legnth
  • 150-200m Hieight
  • 100-250m Width 


  • 12 Pelicans
  • 60 Broadsword fighters 
  • 30 Hornets
  • 15 Warthogs 
  • 5 Wolverines 
  • 6 Cobras 
  • 3 Scorpion Tanks 

Armament Edit

  • Improved twin charge MAC
  • 25 Rail Guns 
  • 30 Point Defense Guns 
  • 20 Offensive Lasers 
  • 50 m42 Archer missile pods (40 missiles per pod = 2,000 missiles) 
  • 1 EMP Cannon 

Operational HistoryEdit

Maiden Voyage Edit

The UNSC Deliverance was tested for two years, its preliminary objective would assess independent operational ability to assess the ships candidacy as a heavy scout ship capabable of being stationed in possibly hostile space with a fair chance of survival. While some questioning came up as to why an attack frigate was being assessed for independent work remains largeley unanswered however it is well known that the frigates design was contested by two lead engineers who each envisioned Deliverance serving a different purpose. The preliminary objective has been thought of as one of the scientists attempting to have the frigate trashed during its first year in order to have the project disbanded. 

The UNSC Deliverance was assigned to assess possible rebel or remnant outposts on abandoned or glasses UNSC colonies. 

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