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UNSC Battle Group Delta was the fleet sent to aid Nougat in Operation: SALVATION, The fleet consisted of 20 ships.


  • Carriers
    • UNSC Leave Out All The Rest
  • Colony
    • UNSC Reach For The Stars
  • Cruisers
  • Destroyers
    • UNSC Monster Munch
    • UNSC Buy One Get One Free
    • UNSC Come Get Some
    • UNSC Gears Of War
  • Frigates
    • UNSC No More Sorrow
    • UNSC Next Time
    • UNSC Papercut
    • UNSC Wish You Where Here
  • Prowlers
  • Unknown
    • UNSC Dreadful
    • UNSC Black Marsh
    • UNSC Sonic
    • UNSC Terminated
    • UNSC Play Station
    • UNSC It's On
    • UNSC Don't Bother
    • UNSC God Knows
    • UNSC Flying Dutchman

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