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 Humanity has been played by an old foe that was wrongly trusted. Until the Balaho Empire is under new rulership the UNSC will not allow itself to be influenced by the Unggoy. 


The UNSC had long since served as protectors of the Unggoy in trade for technology and to ensure hostile nations would not acquire the advanced technology the Unggoy developed. One primary concern the UNSC had was that the kig-yar would get their hands on Unggoy ship cloaking technology. The pirate tactics of the KigYar Pirate Union would benefit esponentially from such technology. 

The Unggoy recognised this weakness in the UNSC. The Unggoy were tired of the looming threat of the Kig Yar causing trade routes to be abandoned and forcing the reliance on another species. The Unggoy wanted the Kig-Yar to be either destroyed or atleast distracted long enough for the Empire to build a strong enough navy to destroy the Kig Yar. 

The Empire issued a secret mission to trick the UNSC into war with the Kig Yar. The Empire sent a fleet of ships through a known Kig yar strong hold and the ships activated their cloaking as they approached the Kig Yar ships. On radar it would appear the ships were being destroyed. The Empire then used the radar imaging to prompt the UNSC to attack the Kig Yar. While they were trying to convince the UNSC of the lie a UNSC Prowler nearby recorded the actual happenings in case it was some new fleet formation strategy. When the two recordings were compared it was revealed the UNSC had been tricked. Not before however the UNSC sent  a small task force to the area and obliterated the Pirate Trade ships. During the attack the UNSC salvaged recording data proving furthermore the UNSC's belief. The UNSC declared war on the Unggoy and made them responsible for every UNSC ship lost in the efforts agaisnt the Kig-yar. 


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