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Titans of Triton Edit

The Titan program was initialized by the special projects branch of the Concord of Humanity which is overseen by the Department of Intelligence and Security, the replacement for O.N.I.

D.I.S. Had greatly reduced independence and was directly supervised by the Concord of Humanity Defense Force. Special Projects was however slightly more secretive in that only a few high ranking officials had access and authority over the organization and its programs.

Over a century after the cruelty done to six year olds in the Spartan II program and the rebirth of unconventional super soldier programs began again. Titans were created, designed, and condemned to be the greatest fighting force Humanity had ever seen and harbored.

Program Overview Edit

With humanity holding the largest occupation on Triton they had a great deal of space in which to conduct the Titan Program.

Titans were genetically engineered from base line genetic coding which would offer the most elite soldiers, the genetic engineering made them even more lethal from merely a genetic standpoint. The training they went through would further shape them into guardians of humanity, a superior soldier to any spartan program but paying great respects to the Spartan II program.

After reaching maturity the young children numbering four hundred were educated and trained both in classroom and lab environments and in combat situations on Triton until age eight.

At age eight the children, separated into classes, Phoenix, Locus, Hydra, and Medusa, and stranded on the various planets of the Triton system. Phoenix company went to Crodon, a desert world, Locus, went to Pexi ii, a moon of Pexi Prime, Hydra went to Scarlon, a frozen over ice world, and Medusa company went to Orgon a rainforest jungle world. Abandoned with no supplies the companies were forced to use the skills they had thus far acquired to survive for two full years on the harsh worlds.

After the two years of field training the Titans would be picked up and the survivors would train on Triton and various secret locations for another two years before being fully deployable to the Concord of Humanity's needs.

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