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Time Crash (Universe)
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Redback One/MrTeaNCrumpets




Time Crash is a universe of Fan Fiction created by Redback One & MrTeaNCrumpets. It is based around the possible story of the alien Time-Lord known as the Doctor and his TARDIS, crashing through time into the realms of the current Halo Universe.


2013 W

  • 13th of April - TARDIS and 'The Doctor' are pulled out of Space & Time.

2557 H

  • July - 'The Doctor' and the TARDIS crash land of the Wreckage of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, then follows the First Battle of Requiem.
  • July - 'The Doctor', John-117 & UNSC AI Cortana arrive at Ivanoff Research Station.
  • July - The UNSC Infinity, the Doctor's TARDIS, as well as John-117, Cortana and the Doctor commence their assault on the 'Mantles Approach'.

W - Means that the date and year is of the Doctor's Universe.

H - Means that the date and year is of the UNSC's Universe.


  • Spartan II John-117
  • Spartan IV Sarah Palmer
  • Multiple Spartan IV's


  • Captain Andrew Del Rio
  • Commander Thomas Lasky
  • Clara Oswin Oswald
  • Doctor Lesley Tillson


  • UNSC Battle Group Dakota
  • Jul M'Dama's Splinter Fleet
  • Dalek Battlefleet


  • UNSC Infinity
  • Type 40 TARDIS


  • Jul M'Dama
  • Parg Vol


Promethean - Dalek War


  • First Battle of Requiem
  • Skirmish of Ivanoff Research Station
  • Battle of Earth
  • Second Battle of Requiem
  • Siege of Madrigal

Military GroupsEdit

  • Blue Team
  • Shadow Team
  • Crimson Team
  • Majestic Team
  • Zulu Team
  • Katana Team

Star Systems, Planets and MoonsEdit

  • Sol System
    • Earth
  • Ephoch System
    • Requiem
  • Constellation of Kasterborous
    • Gallifrey
  • Skaro

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