Biographical information



Date of birth:

September, 6, 2532

Date of death:

June, 2, 2565





Hair color:

Dark Brown

Eye color:


Political and military information

Spartan tag:



Lieutenant Commander


"He was by far, one of the greatest men I ever knew. He sacrificed himself for the rest of the squad, I will never be the man he was." — Commander Brett-B177 speaking at Tiberius' funeral in 2565.

Lieutenant Commander Tiberius-A961, is a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. He is stationed with Fireteam Claw on Reach with the call sign Wasp Four.

Early Military LifeEdit

!Under Construction!

Later Military LifeEdit

Three years after the beginning of Project Dormant Skies, Tiberius and the rest of Claw was sent on a mission with Fireteam Cobra. The objective was to blow up the Innsurrectionist ship Reach to the Stars, a nuclear deviced was primed but did not explode. Realizing there was only one other way to activate the bomb Tiberius sacrificed himself, went out the airlock, grabbed the nuke, maneuvered to the Reach to the Stars, got aboard and shot at the nuke until it exploded. Tiberius died June, 2, 2565 of incineration by explosion. Tiberius was 33 years old when he sacrificed himself to complete the mission.

Fireteam ClawEdit

Consisting of Brett-B177, Tiberius-A961, Adam-D351, Blake-H439, and Cali-C838. Fireteam Claw is the lead fireteam in Project Dormant Skies. Though he is a bit of a hot-head, Tiberius was an excellent team leader and was the assigned leader of Fireteam Claw until the last minute when Brett-B177 was placed in charge. There was no turmoil between them and Tiberius was relived to be under Brett's Command. Tiberius was placed Second-in-charge of Claw.


Tiberius owns the AI "Fino" from Project Dormant Skies. He has three suits of armor. His first set was white all scout armor. His second armor before he joined Dormant Skies comprised of all CQB armor with an EVA Helmet. The armor was Red and Gold with no decals. Tiberius' current armor is a full Gungnir armor. The armor is still Red and Gold.

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