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The UNSC's Thirteenth Fleet consists of 46 ships. It is also home to one of four ships in the new Ragnarök-class heavy carrier.

Thirteenth Fleet


United Nations Space Command Navy


46 ships


Ships Edit

Flagship Edit

Ragnarök-class Heavy Carrier Edit

  • UNSC Alpha and Omega

Marathon-class Heavy Crusiers Edit

  • UNSC Freedom of Spirit
  • UNSC Perseverance
  • UNSC Stalwart Dawn

Diligence-class Destroyers Edit

  • UNSC Detroit
  • UNSC Returning from Twilight
  • UNSC New Republic
  • UNSC Reykjavik

Charon-class Light Frigates Edit

  • UNSC Manhattan
  • UNSC Juneau

Paris-class Heavy Frigates Edit

  • UNSC Boston
  • UNSC London
  • UNSC Finish the Fight

Prowlers Edit

  • Coming soon

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