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The Covenant Culdon
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Founded during the Human-Covenant war in 2530

Notable Members:

  • Atuz 'Skulth
  • Thez 'Skulth
  • Urze 'Flioth
  • Bukh 'Durvagn
  • Trul 'Vurhez
  • Gulh 'Mortdus
  • Ussa 'Ffoodee
  • Wuth 'Bukobas

Other names:

  • The Culdon
  • The Cult
  • Holy Cult

Official Religion:

Worship of the Forerunners and their technology

Notable Commanders:

  • Vuth 'Kardus
  • Durs 'Fulorn
  • Kurs 'Rukars

Notable Allied Species:

  • Sangheili
  • Jiralhanae
  • Unggoy
  • Kig-Yar
  • Skirmishers
  • Mgalekgolo
  • Yanme'e
  • Huragok
  • Kilo-Yar
The Covenant Culdon (also known as The Culdon or simply The Culdon Cult) is a Covenant allied army, used as a main military army force against the UNSC Reclaimer army during the Reclaimer-Culdon war and the Human-Covenant war

History and FormingEdit

During the middle of the Human-Covenant War and in the middle of the Great Schism, the Covenant recently made Khza 'Kardus a leader of a new faction group. He decieded that he belived in the will of the Forerunners requested for him after Khza 'Kardus belived that the Forerunner will give powerful technology to not only the new faction, but to the whole entire Covenant Empire and making sure that the humans do not recieve it.

Khza 'Kardus had millions of Sangheili not only stay with the Covenant, but stayed with what he called "The Culdon" and served as a Cult whoever belived in the will of the "Forerunner's Power" and also has been a sub-faction to the Covenant Empire as a supportive and helpfull allied faction.

Reclaimer-Culdon WarEdit

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Human-Covenant WarEdit

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Species and RanksEdit


The Sangheili served as the military leaders of the Covenant Culdon just like in the Covenant. The Sangheili were the only founding races of the Culdon, and were the only race within the Culdon permitted to build and command starships within the Culdon, though the crews are always composed of a mix of races. Sangheili are separated into ranks based on skill and experience. To advance in rank, Sangheili must honorably earn such advancements on the battlefield.

Rank Image Description
Minor Culdon Minor (Sangheili) Sangheili Minors are the most basic rank of the Culdon Sangheili rank structure. They are mostly found in command of a small team of Unggoy, Kig-Yar, and other various Culdon, mostly other Minors. They can be found in other combat situations being lead by a Sangheili Major or above. Their weaponry is often either a Plasma Rifle or Plasma Repeater or rarely, an Energy Sword due to their low rank, but occasions can occur where their weapon is a weapon such as the Needle Rifle or Focus Rifle. Their training is mostly basic combat such as melee and medium-ranged because of their low ranking among other Sangheili.
Field Minor Field Minor Sangheili Field Minors are purposed specially for leading small teams of Covenant warriors in the Culdon Field Operations division. They lead small teams of Unggoy Field Minors and Kig-Yar Field Minors into combat under supervision of either a Sangheili Field Commander or a Field Major/Officer. Their weaponry is often either the Needler, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Repeater, or Mauler when they are in combat. They are trained with maneuvering them and their team through difficult terrains towards the objective. They are trained to be adaptable in the kinds of combat they do due to the needs of the different environments such as mountains, swamps, and lakes. They are also trained in melee combat.
Snow Minor Snow Minor Sangheili Snow Minors are purposed for leading small teams of Covenant squads in tundra regions or a snowbounded area. They lead small teams of Unggoy Snow Minors into battle and under supervision of either a Snow Major/Officer or a Snow Ultra. Their weapony is the same as other minors, but in "Snow-camoflauge" skins for the weapons to blend in with snow or ice. They are the first "Minor" ranking to have active camoflauge due to the showing of their combat suits during battles.
Scout Minor Scout Minor Sangheili Scout Minors are scouting units for tracing a target they choose to follow until it is captured. Not much about them, but they say that they are the second "Minor" ranking to have active camoflauge due to other ranks cannot since they are a low rank and with the other one as the Snow Minors. Their weaponry is either Needler, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Repeater, Needle Rifle, Focus Rifle, Mauler or a Spiker since used for tracking and finding a specific location mark. They are really good with beat downs and assassinations.
Major Sangheili Major (Reach) Sangheili Majors have the same general design in their armor as the Sangheili Minor, but just maroon rather than a lighter/darker blue. Their weaponry is mostly composed of small weapons such as the Plasma Repeater, Needler, or Plasma Rifle due to ranking in the Sangheili ranking system. In the ranking system, they are the 2nd lowest rank in the entire Warrior caste. Their training is in very small minor tactics and mostly in different ranges of combat such as melee, close-range, and medium-range combat. They are found leading small teams of other Covenant. Their team will most likely consists of a few Kig-Yar, some Unggoy, them, and a Sangheili Minor as their assistant.
Field Major Field Major

Sangheili Field Majors are the same as the Field Minors, but more advanced and wears a darker orange armor rather than a sand-like tan color armor. They lead groups of Unggoy Field Majors and Kig-Yar Field Majors into battle unlike Field Minors of all types of species like Unggoy and Kig-Yar. They supervise, along with a Field Officer troops into battle, but they can report any enemy activity to either a Field Ultra or a higher "Field" ranking Sangheili.

They have the same weapons as Majors and Minors of all types, but some can carry Energy Swords with them as backup and goes to the same as Minors in the Culdon rankings.

Officer OfficerMajor Sangheili Officers are the same as Majors, but more advanced and wears a Orange-Gold armor Overall they are more agile, more accurate and more aggressive than Major Sangheili and rarely make tactical mistakes in combat. A single Officer Sangheili can hold its own against an entire squad of UNSC Marines. They can be seen leading Grunts and Minor Sangheili into battle.
Field Officer Culdon Field Officer Culdon Field Officer is a Sangheili military rank that is served in the Culdon Field Operations division. Although with the same Officer armor, these Officers wear a crimson-white armor and command a different task. Unlike the Officer that commands small squads of Unggoy, Kig-Yar and Sangheili Minors, the Field Officers command a horde of Unggoy Majors, Kig-Yar Majors and Skirmisher Majors, and like a normal Officer would do, the Field Officer would report to their onsite Field Ultra or, in the absence of an Ultra, directly to a higher "Field" ranking Sangheili.Like a Officer, Field Officers can use the same weapons that a Officer would have, but can also have heavy and special weapons such as the usage of Fuel Rod Guns, Plasma Launchers, Beam Rifles, Focus Rifles and Crimson Energy Swords as either a rare weapon or as a backup weapon.
Field Operator

Notable individualsEdit

Vuth 'Kardus: The "Cult's Hand" and the current Leader of the Covenant Culdon. During the founding of the Covenant Culdon, Khza 'Kardus, who was former leader of the Covenant Culdon and father of Vuth 'Kardus, was slain by Spartan-542 who guns him with his Assault Rifle and takes over the Spire to research their info. Angers by this, Vuth, along with an army of Zealots seeks revenge and manages to kill his father's killer by stabbing an energy dagger through the Spartan's visor, seemly killing him and completes his revenge by duming the Spartan's corpse off the Spire. During the Reclaimer-Culdon war, he controlled a Spire where he made it a offical headbase for training Infantry for war and researching techonology for his army. At the end of the Reclaimer-Culdon war, previously after the destruction of a Corvette of the Culdon titled "Shadow until Darkness", the UNSC Reclaimer army decided to elimate the remaining army of the Covenant Culdon at the Spire. During the final momments of the Spire, Vuth, along with Durs, Kurs, Thez and Wuth escapes in a Phantom activated in Active Camoflauge. Currently him and his allies are in a new-builted Spire hidden very far away from the old location to the Spire whereas now the old Spire was destroyed by the UNSC during the Fall of Reach.

Durs 'Fulorn: Co-leader of the Covenant Culdon and also the Officer Zealot of the group. He was serving as a Zealot during his battles and mostly notable for having a massive bodycount of UNSC soldiers during the Human-Covenant War. When he heard about Vuth's becoming the Covenant Culdon's leader, he decieded to aid him for his trust and for the Forerunner technology. He mostly participated, like Vuth, in the Reclaimer-Culdon war in mostly every battle that he and Vuth were in. Both of them were a massive killing team and gave out a completly huge bodycount and kept stabbing every body that was moving around. Once in a while, Vuth and Durs would burn up the corpses and remember the Forerunners for this great sucsess. He mostly stayed at the Spire, but during the Invasion of the Spire, Durs escaped with Vuth, Kurs, Thez and Wuth in a hidden Phantom and the Spire's controller, Ussa 'Ffoodee was killed in honor by a Shotgun blast from a Leader of the invading Spartan army arriving at. The Spire was later destroyed by the UNSC in which Noble Six deactivates the shielding and having it being destroyed to pieces by a UNSC counterattack. Like most of the Culdon survivors, they stayed at the new-builted Spire away from the ruins of it's old spire layed at.

Gulh 'Mortdus: Served as a Scout Minor and Lieutenant duing the Covenant Culdon, Gulh lead many Minors and Majors into battle; some with Officers or not. During the Reclaimer-Culdon war, Vuth gave Gulh an energy sword and active camoflauge during battle, making him kill off targets one by one. During the battle of the Citadel, Sergent Darvin had eliminated most of the Culdon Sangheili until Gulh, with active camoflauge on, assassinates Darvin during the war. Samuel "Bulletshock" of Reclaimer Team fights off Gulh with his fists, avoiding his energy sword. After dodging Gulh'd energy sword melees, Samuel pulls out his combat knife and stabs him in the neck, causing Gulh's neck to bleed. Samuel then kills Gulh with his shotgun at Gulh's chest, seemly killing him.

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