Maverick Article

The Federation-Dominion War is considered the Secong Great War. 

Declaration of WarEdit

The declaration of was occured in 2575 against the Unggoy, Humanity, and the Sanghieli species. This declaration was technically not directed at the Species Federation but it did prompt the Federations formation. 


Battle For Balaho 2576

Fall of Balaho 2576

Fall of Freev 2576

Battle for Soj 2577

Second Battle for Soj 2578

Battle for Jnoch 2578

Battle for Tuiip 2578 

Liberation of Soj 2578

Battle of Wander 2579

Battle of Triton 2580 

Small Skirmishes Primarily in Space

Battle of Earth 2590

Fall of Eyne

Fall of Krono 

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