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Siharthans Edit


The Siharthans are a sophisticated species who similarly to the Sanghieli, hold precision of combat and combat tactics as a their most cherished mastery. Siharthans are also scholars and technologically apt while lacking great fleet armement the majority of their star faring force is comprised of small gunships and small crew ships usually not exceeding the size of a frigate. These ships mostly transport troops and rarely do Siharthans participate in large scale fleet battles.

Siharthans are lead by an association of clans which together form the Siharthan Allied Clans. The Order primarily functions as a distributer government ensuring the clans share and receive all the same resources and accomplishments as the other keeping the species strong as a unit and allowing it to grow independently based on how individual clans operate.

Siharthans are from the world of Zhrah a mostly ocean and dense jungle world.

Noble SIharthan Order of Clans Edit

Dozens of clans within the SIharthan order exist and meet constantly to organize and appropriate resource, trade, diplomacy, and legislation over the clans.

Vex Clan

Reez Clan

Yen Mo Clan

Systems Coalition Edit

The Systems Coalition was comprised of the Scorpionum Imperium, Lumoner Empire, and Noble SIharthan Order of Clans. After encountering the Orion alliance the Systems Coalition was absorbed into its ranks and later the Milky Way Alliance.

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