"This is UNSC HDD-112 Pierce the Heavens, requesting priority assistance. 672 survivors aboard."
—Active beacon of the ship.

The Search for the UNSC Pierce the Heavens was the largest UNSC Naval operation since the end of the Human-Covenant War, with over 90 ships taking part in the search.


The UNSC Pierce the Heavens initially was declared missing directly after the Battle of Installation 00, outside the galaxy. The search was restarted because a slipspace beacon's signal was suddenly bounced from dozens of UNSC and civilian signal stations.

Early TheoriesEdit

Debri of the Heavens

Assumed debris of the UNSC Pierce the Heavens.

  1. Ship was destroyed loyalist forces in 2552.
  2. Ship was destroyed with Forerunner planet.
  3. Ship escaped with damage to communication.

Later Theories (2554 incident)Edit

  1. Ship escaped with extensive damage and active beacon.
  2. Ship destroyed, AI activated beacon with crew dead.
  3. Ship destroyed, AI still partially active within remains.
  4. Ship trapped within slipspace (excused by Navy)

Termination of SearchEdit

After 8 months of looking without even a hint to the ships location, the search was called off.


Second Battle of Requiem. Edit

On February 17, 2558, the UNSC, disturbing the planets functions, released the UNSC Pierce the Heavens from a slipspace pocket into a large scale battle. The ship was pulled into Requiem's atmosphere where it was credited with disabling a Covenant Frigate via accidental ramming after coming out of slip-space.

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