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Five Hundred Years a Slave Edit

Scoprionum are an intelligent insectoid-crustacean species which unlike the Yemme and other similar species does not possess a hive mind intelligence evoving instead evolving towards autonomous individual thought.

When the Illuminated Empire arrived it was recovering from a global war which saw the faction stripped of most of its resources. The Desperate Illuminated Empire committed the Scorpionum to an existence of slavery and their homeworld was turned into a Penal colony ruled closely by the Empire. The Scorpionum at the time of first contact were only slightly less advanced than the Illuminated Empire however the Illuminated Empire arrived in force orbitally bombing the planet and immediately subduing the survivors.

Smaller scale revolts had occurred and only costed the Scorpionum more suffering and so largely ceased for the last three hundred years until a rise in internal political turmoil gave the scorpionum the opportunity they needed to rebel and with the help of an incited civil war escaped beyond the territory of the Illuminated Empire.

Finishing the Fight Edit

Three decades after escaping their captives, a Seperatists group of the Empire sought out the Scorpionum for help destroying the Illuminated Empire. The Scorpionum and Lumon Patriots joined forces and crushed the Empire establishing the Lumon Republic and abolishing the enslavement policy the Illuminated Empire had enforced for hundreds of years.

The Scorpionum established the Scorpionum Imperium a democratic Empire.

Installation 02 Edit

Over the years the Imperium and Lumon Republic had forged a strong alliance of trade and scientific cooporation eventually responding to an E.T. Message leading them to Installation 02 where they became engaged in a conflict against the Flood with the Siharthans until the Orion Alliance showed up in 2612 and quelled the flood outbreak. The Imperium, Lumon Republic, and Siharthan Allied Clans formed the Systems coalition which had a friendly relationship with the Orion Alliance and eventually joined and subsequently became members of the Milky Way Alliance when the Orion Alliance evolved into it.

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