Sam Mitchell
Biographical information



Date of birth:

c. 2499





Hair color:

Black (going grey)

Eye color:

Dark Browne

Political and military information




Major Sam Mitchell, also known as Icepick was a high ranking officer with the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, attached to Special Warfare Group Three. Commanding officer of Phoenix Team, an elite team of Spartans who fought during the Insurrection and the Human-Covenant War. After being released from captivity, he became the Intelligence Handler of PUNISHER Team, the remanent of Phoenix.

Early CareerEdit

Not much is known, however it is rumored he was once a member of the 7th ODST Battle Group, ascending the ranks to Major, and moved to the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command.

Late CareerEdit

In 2534, Mitchell formed Phoenix Team with Jon, a fire-team sized Spartan unit comprised mainly of SIII's. Over the next decade he would be their commanding officer, giving them intelligence for missions and the like.

In November 2551, after Jon-B150 was killed, Mitchell made the decision to approach Jack-A260 for the commanders position. While at first rejected, it was then accepted.

Fall of ReachEdit

During the Battle of Viery where 5 members of Phoenix were lost, Mitchell was forced to give up his position as commanding officer of Phoenix and move to the Office of Naval Intelligences Section 0 group. Upon being evacuated to Earth, his ship was seized by insurrectionists, and held in Afghanistan on Earth.


Almost 3 years after the Fall of Reach, Jack and the rest of Punisher found Major Mitchell during a recon of the Shah-i-Kot Valley in 2554. Upon finding their old CO, they helped evacuate him to the nearest Pelican, where after medical treatment, he assumed Mission Handler control of Punisher, leading them during GUNFIGHTER. After which, he was sent to HIGHCOM for a full debrief of his actions and was then stationed on the UNSC Infinity as Punisher's Intelligence Handler, working with their new Mission Handler Thomas Frost.

Traits and personalityEdit

Sam is renowned for his ability to pick the best operators for the situation. In the case of Phoenix, he picked Jon-B150 as the leader due to his ability to pick the right people for the job, and worked with him to pick his team. During his captivity, he often helped the children and women along with him with their tasks, seeing many deaths nearly cost him his sanity.