Biographical information



Date of birth:







27 (as of 2558)

Political and military information

Spartan tag:



UNSC Marine Corps.




Class II: 2545


Lieutenant, Junior Grade

Spartan-163 was a SPARTAN-II commando and one of the few known Class II SPARTAN-IIs.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Spartan-163's past. After Dr. Catherine Halsey left the SPARTAN-II Class II program, the project underwent extensive research and was eventually able to list a set of suitable candidates for the program. Spartan-163 was among the 49 children kidnapped at age six in 2537 in a similar manner to the Class-I Spartans.

Spartan trainingEdit

Spartan-163 and the other 49 kidnapped six-year-olds were brought before the Office of Naval Intelligence on the planet Reach, and were prepared for vigorous training. Each individual was first given a "mental assessment" to detirmine their loyalty to the UNSC and operatability. According to ONI files, Spartan-163 earned high marks for his intelligence and detirmination, but lacked extensive loyalty to his kidnappers, or motivation to follow orders.

The Spartans then underwent extremely challenging physical and mental training. This proved to be a stretch for the trainees, and three died during training. Spartan-163 and the other Class-IIs were augmented at the age of fourteen in 2543, and graduated from training in 2545. 10 of his fellow candidates had died in the augmentation, and seven were injured.

Early military careerEdit

Because the Spartan-II Class II and the Spartan III programs developed around the same time, Spartan-163 was deployed alongside Spartan-IIIs in 2545, twenty years after the deployment of the Class-I Spartan IIs. He was donned with Mjolnir Mark V(B) armor (R variant, customized) and assigned to the field somewhere in the Outer Colonies.

Much of 163's career from 2545 to 2552 is unknown, but it is known he was recalled to Reach during a Covenant invasion in July 2552.

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