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"Just like shooting cones back at the base."
—Rex-A048 while picking off Grunts like he was firing at cones at Outpost Cooldown.

Rex-A048 born Rex Axen is a Spartan-III of Alpha Company and is part of Team Romeo/Juliet, his part in the team is the team sniper, his call sign was Romeo-3.


"He rarely shuts up unless you threaten to kick him in the balls or cut them off, works everytime. Trust me it does."
—Linda-A179 to new Juliet-6, Reach 2552

Rex-A048 is a Spartan with a lot of annolying catch phrases, even though the team find some of them funny he sometimes says one at a time when they aren't needed. But that aside he can be quiet when he wants to be or when Linda-A179  threatens to kick or cut off his balls. He is also called "Pervert first class" as a nickname rank.

Combat StyleEdit

"My god Rex, you trying to die? Because if you are I can do that for you."
—Robert-A037 to Rex-A048 after having to save Rex from a Elite.

Being a sniper Rex stays at the rear of the team giving sniper surport but he is not the best at no scoping enemies even at close range, he carries a M6G-Magnum as a sidearm which he rarely fired. His skills with the SRS99 are okay but not as good at close range, he can give good fire support with his SRS99. He had the stand on his SRS99 improved by Alice-A288.

After ReachEdit

"Wonder how many of the team are left."
—One of Rex-A048's unanswered questions.

What happened to Rex after Reach is unknown, though he wishes he didn't end up with Halsey, while he did have Jun to talk to on the Pelican ride to CASTLE Base he found chatting to Dr. Catherine Halsey not the best thing in the world, he didn't want to listen to much she said but knew it would be rude and choose to listen, he does wish he choose not to listen.

Role in Halo: The Fall of Team Romeo/JulietEdit

In Halo: The Fall of Team Romeo/Juliet Rex's campaign is set on Reach but is just as long as Linda's. During it your mostly fighting solo apart from the odd UNSC Marine group and a few members of the team, this isn't to make it hard, it's just to what he is, a Sniper which works alone. He looks like he has no Combat Knife but he does it's just lower down his body.

Whenever he fights in hand to hand combat he will afterwards say as if talking to the player "I remember I was a sniper not a CQB Spartan." He also can never get rid of his sniper rifle as that is his most prized weapon.

At the end of his campaign the player has have to defend the enterance to CASTLE Base, armed with just Rex's trusty SRS99 and M6G-Magnum while having to keep the Covenant out.


  • Rex-A048 is one of a few playable Spartans in Halo: The Fall of Team Romeo/Juliet.
  • His armor is nearly that of Jun's. Though he has quite cheap looking armor from looking at him but he isn't cheap.

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