Raid on Shadow Base


August 24, 2552


ONI Shadow Base, Aszod, Reach


UNSC Victory


(UNSC) Valkyrie Team




Raas 'Zukurramée



  • David-A088
  • Alison-G242
  • Laura-G237
  • Jullian-B042
  • Reily-G231

500 Covenant

  • 140 Spec ops elites
  • 250 grunts
  • 75 Jackals
  • 35 Brutes
  • Alison-G242
  • Jullian-B042
  • Reily-G231
  • 133 Grunts
  • 56 spec ops elites
  • 34 brutes
  • 43 jackles
The Raid on ONI Shadow Base was conducted by Valkyrie Team on August 24, 2552. The purpose of the mission was to retrieve ONI information regarding Project UNDERSTANDING before burning the base and all information in it to the ground.

Purpose Edit

The mission was put in place by the UNSC's Office of Naval Intelligence to retrieve information regarding Project UNDERSTANDING before the Covenant did. After retrieving the information and an object called known as the "package" before detonating the base and any other information held within. Spartan Fireteam Valkyrie was sent to retrieve the package.

Timeline of Events Edit

0600 Hours - Valkyrie Team was dropped via pelican dropship about 2 kilometers from Shadow Base. Advancing toward the base showed signs of no hostile activity.

0725 Hours - Valkyrie reaches the package and begins download and setting charges.

0800 Hours - Valkyrie has finished setting charges and download and advances toward the rendezvous.

0836 Hours - Valkyrie encounters the first Covenant hostiles led by Raas 'Zukurramée.

0843 Hours - Reily-G231 is killed by plasma fire

0923 Hours - Jullian-B042 is killed by a spec ops elite via energy sword

0958 Hours - Alison-G242, Laura-G237, and David-A088 make it to the rendezvous point. As they enter the pelican, Alison is shot and killed by a beam rifle fired by Raas. The Pelican lifts off and evacs to the UNSC Freedom of Spirit.

The Package Edit

Valkyrie found the package in the form of 4 A.I.s, all of whom were loaded onto a single data chip. The first one to appear to the Spartans was an A.I. whom identified itself as Fox. Fox took an immediate liking to David-A088, and requested to talk to him and him alone. Fox told David that he and the other A.I. on the chip were Forerunner made and that they had information that would help humanity's ascension to the Mantle. Valkyrie finished setting up the explosives and gathering the data before leaving for the pelican.

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