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Uoni (Destroyed in 2400's) Artcurus IV (2600-Present)

Average height:


Average weight:



Four arms, slender body, elongated head, light cyan skin tone, hardy potrusions on rear extremity

Average lifespan:

80 years (subject to augmentation)

Other nomenclature:



Migrant Fleet Edit

After reaching a considerably advanced state on their isolated home world of Uoni the Prylocect suffered a devastating asteroid impact which destroyed their homeworld and left their home solar system in chaos in the 2400's.

Ark ships ferried the surviving Prylocect beyond the solar system in search for a suitable planet to colonize. Eventually the Prylocect came across the Cube Facility 08 in 2600 and are discovered by the Orion Alliance who aided in resettling the Species on the cold world of Arcturus IV.

Acting as a protectorate of the Orion Alliance the Prylocect were able to return to a state of normalcy with the protection of the Alliance and eventually joined the Milky Way Alliance as a Senate Member in the 2700's

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