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Background Edit

During the reign of Rorichs Empire the Prol were one of many species to be ravaged. The Prol managed to escape in small numbers in what were regarded as sleeper ships. Prol sleeper ships were so densely armored and its crew entirely in stasis and power levels so minimal that it essentially was undetectable. Equipped with emergency action procedures the ships went adrift in space after a series of random slip space jumped away from their homeworld during its final destruction. These ships then drifted coming momentarily online to adjust course for systems and objects until reaching a significant distance from known Rorich held space. Using quantum communications networks the sleeper ships once out of the war zone pulsed one another to signify the time to recollect and find a new home.

The Prol chose a small red dwarf star in which their sleeper ships were disassembled to form a small Dyson swarm network around the star where the Prol began to rebuild. Over five decades the Prol had begun their old merchant ways once more and stretched out from their new home to gather resources which added to the expanding Dyson sphere which was in constant disarray. A Milky Way Alliance expeditionary fleet discovered the Prol system by following the communications trail of merchant ships and arrived with warm greetings and eventually offered the Prol to join the Alliance as a protectorate.

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