Project Understanding


Project UNDERSTANDING is a project started by the UNSC's Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) wing with the goal of gaining a better understanding of Forerunner A.I. named "The Architect".

Project History Edit

Project UNDERSTANDING was created with the goal of understanding a Forerunner A.I. found during the Battle of Line Installation 1-4 by Spartan Team Black. The A.I., whom Identified them self as "The Architect" was collected and brought back to Reach and stored in ONI's Shadow Base to be studied. Shortly after arriving at Shadow Base, The Architect went into a stasis that ONI could not bring it out of. A few days later, four new A.I.s appeared on the drive on which The Architect originally resided. These A.I.s presented themselves as Fox, Cheetah, Wolf, and Eagle, each taking the holographic form of the animal namesake. When asked where The Architect had gone, they replied that they were The Architect, just split among four bodies to protect their knowledge.

A.I. Personalities Edit

Fox - essentially acts as the leader of the A.I.s. It takes the voice and form of a male fox, and he often acts in sly ways. He is also known for his creative solutions to problems

Wolf - Fox's second in command, this A.I. takes the voice and appearance of a male wolf. He is prone to violent and angry outbursts, often tampering with nearby electronics.

Cheetah - Cheetah takes the form and voice of a female cheetah. She seems to be the logical thinker of the group, is able to formulate plans with rapid pace.

Eagle - Eagle takes the form and identity of a female Eagle. She is the smartest of the group, seemingly inheriting most of The Architects intelligence.

Barracuda - Barracuda takes the form and gender of a male barracuda. Because he was created by Fox, using some of Fox's own sentience, Barracuda has an overall snarky attitude, but suffers due to inheriting some of Fox's less desirable traits.

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