One of the smaller cities that remained unscathed throughout the battle.

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Pompeii quickly became one of the most fledging colonies within the UNSC. The planet was not only home to a few small cities but expanisve farmlands fead both the colony and the UNSC alike. 


  Pompeii was officially discovered in 2545 but did not recieve true colonization efforts until 2549. Most of the planets population were refugees from the war seeking solace rathe than protection. Pompeii was an ideal world for human settlement resembling most clearly the Eastern states of the former U.S.A., Virginia, and the Carolinas. 

  While ideal for agriculture priorities the colony was home to several modern cities. The planets capitol, New Rome, served truly as the heart of a growing empire. By 2555 Pompeii was completely self sufficient and supplied the UNSC greatly in regards to agriculture goods. 

  After the UNSC-Balaho Empire Conflict the resultant war with the Balaho Empire which reached its peak in (2568) Pompeii was attacked by a fleet of sixty eight ships. At the time Pompeii only featured five orbital defense stations and thirty three warships in orbit. The battle of Pompeii lasted only hours however thanks to the efforts of multiple ODST teams who refused to give the Empire landing regions anywhere on the planet. The Navy in orbit was able to keep the battle primarily in space minus a few cruisers that were able to slip into the city. 

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