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Background Edit

Destruction Edit

During the reign of Rorichs Empire the Ortan were one of many species to be attacked, enslaved, and eventually face genocide by the Empire. Groups of Ortan managed to escape into unknown space in an act of self-preservation which the species battles moral guilt for as a fundamental part of their newfound culture. Ortan exodus fleets eventually found Cube Facility 04 calling it their new home.

Cube 04 Edit

Using Cube Facility 04 as a refugee base and eventually new home the Ortan were able to survive the duration of the Empires existence being believed extinct and slowly grow their populations back to sustainability. The few colony ships in which they used to escape had been long outfitted as battleships to defend the Cube facility if need be however their defensive options were limited.

For three hundred years the Ortan called the facility home and generations born their were raised under a new doctrine that honoring those lost was to be the forefront of their actions and dedications. In 2947 the Milky Way Alliance whom was conducting expeditionary missions into unknown regions discovered the Ortan and offered them membership within the Alliance as a protectorate.

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