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"A unified hatred and religous zealousy against humanity and any races who stood with us is really all that kept the Jiralhanae from civil war, that and the oppression of the Dominions lower species. Humanity in this respect has been referred to as demons for over a century, that's a feat in and of itself."
Orion Alliance-Domion War

2574, Jan. 18th


2642 / Ongoing Conflicts


Milky Way Galaxy (Orion Arm)


Orion Alliance Victory


ORION ALLIANCE -UNSC (Later reorganized as the Concord of Humanity -Swords of Sangheilios -Balaho Empire (Left in 2576 Later reorganized as the Unggoy Tribe Federation rejoins in 2591) -xXominum Monarchy (Joined 2582) -Lekgolo Collective (Joined in 2593) -Prylocect Republic (Non combatant Protectorate support entity joined in 2600)

SUPPORT FORCES SIharthan Allied Clans (Non-Combatant Support entity joined in 2612) Scorpionum Imperium (Non-Combatant Support entity joined in 2612) Lumon Republic (Non-Combatant Support entity joined in 2612)

DOMINION -Jiralhanae Empire -Kig-Yar -Yemme -Yonhet


-Spartan Commander Chandler -xXerces



Timeline Edit

First Wave (2574-2580) Edit

  • The first wave begins with the initial attack on the founding members of the Orion alliance, UEG, SoS, and BE, and concluding in the Battle for Triton.

2574: Dominion attack a Human-Sangheili joint research station monitoring the edge of allied space and Jiralhanae space, Dominion ambushes a Balaho Empire fleet.

2575: Battle for Balaho 

2576: Fall of Balaho  

2576: Battle of Freev 

2577: Battle for Soj

2578: Second battle for Soj

2578: Battle for Jnoch 

2578: Battle for Tuiip

2578: Liberation of Soj

2579: Battle of Wander

2580: Battle for Triton  

Half-Time-Conflict (2580-2590) Edit

  • Following the first wave of the war against the Dominion is referred to as the Half Time Conflict, a time of heavily decreased combat in which Earths defenses were bolsterred and the Dominion prepared an invasion force to take Earth.

Second Wave (2590-2642/Ongoing) Edit

  • The Battle for Earth and the prevailing gorilla attacks by the Dominion for the next six decades is referred to as the Second Wave.

2590: Invasion of Earth

2608: Fall of Krono

2609: Yonhet Revolution

2615: Liberation of Yonhet

2642: Orion Alliance-Dominion War declared over due to Dominion forces retreating to unknown space and the founding of the Milky Way Alliance.

Continued Conflict Edit

In 2642 the Orion Alliance evolved into the Milky Way Alliance and inccorporated over a dozen individual entities. The establishment of the Milky Way Alliance marked the formal end to the Orion-Dominion War due to the decrease in Dominion force and the destruction of Krono leading to a lack of organized leadership by the Jiralhanae and the Yonhet Revolution weakening the invasion tactics of the Dominion.

Orion victories shortly before the establishment of the Milky Way Alliance and the overall expansive growth of the Orion Alliances members lead to the Dominion becoming only slightly more of a threat than Pirates. Decreased conflict between the Alliance and Dominion was severe enough to warrant a formal end to the war as it became clear the Dominion had retreated to unknown space.

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