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CoH Obelus-Class Assault Carrier
Obelus Class Assault Carrier
Production information


Heaphestus Forges


Assault Carrier


Carrier, troop transport, command and control, heavy warship

Technical specifications







Power plant:

Deuterium Fusion Reactor


XR2 Boglin Fields S81/X-DFR

Slipspace drive:

Mark XI Macedon Z-2

Sensor systems:

Radar, Spectroscopes, LIDAR


490 centimetres (190 in) Titanium-A3 armor plating, nanolaminate


Energy Projectors (x3) Plasma Torpedo Bays (x16) Super MAC (x2) Rail Guns Pulse Lasars Helios Plasma Cased Missiles


Pelican Dropships Broadsword Fighters Wasp Fighers Cobras Scorpion Tanks Wolverines Vulture Gunships Mammoths


(16,962) 8,106 Naval, 8,000 Marines, 200 ODST, 510 Intelligence, 110 Civillian (Spartan crew not accounted for)

Chronological and affiliation


First Golden Age Rorich Empire War




Concord of Humanity


Description Edit

The Obelus Class Assault carrier was a harbinger of destructive force, introduced at the end of the Alliance-Dominion war the assault carrier utilized advanced technologies and continued to serve the Concord of Humanity and the Milky Way Alliance into the next century.

Physical Description Edit

Iconic for its curved elongated shell-like bow the Obelus had a massive weapons module protruding from the midsection and growing in size and length outward featuring a wide heavy weapons battery of two Series 9 Super MAC's and a powerful energy projector. On the topmost part of the turtle shell like hull was another energy projector and at the forward most underside of the long weapons 'arm' was another energy projector facing planetside allowing it to engage in 'glassing' operations.

At the body of the ship was a wide heavy plated hull ending on the port and starboard sides with hanger bays similar to that of the UNSC Infinty. Going inward from these hanger bays were mechanical depos and vehicle transport lanes for access to the hangers to be ferried planetside. Vehicle storage was forward of the hanger bays on this level and above them were galleys, crew quarters, and general living and moral spaces. Below the Hanger decks were life support systems, engineering and machinery spaces and below these decks was the large store hanger located just forward of the engine rooms.

Capable of housing two frigates within or various equipment and landers for fire bases this allowed the Obelus class assault carrier to be both versatile and independently deployable for long durations of time if equipped with the proper equipment to establish groudside commands and therefore hold up against long term skirmishes.

History Edit

Introduced in 2680 during the first golden age of the Milky Way Alliance following the war against the Dominion and the formation of the Alliance, the Obelus class Assault Carrier ushered in a new age of technology and authority with the objective of protecting and policing Alliance space.

At the rise of the Milky Way Alliance-Rorich Empire War, the Obelus class Assault carrier saw extensive action against the enemy acting as a capitol ship, heavy warship, and carrier. Only slightly smaller than the aging Infinity class super carrier the Obelus Assault carrier was produced en' mass upon its introduction complimenting most battlegroups and all defensive fleets.

Ships of the line Edit

  • CoH Obelus (Namesake ship)
  • CoH Mausoleum
  • CoH Corpus Victor
  • CoH Undone Sepulcher
  • CoH Gatekeeper Triumphant

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