Biographical information

Full name:

Mike Linken



Date of death:

August 29, 2552. Reach



Political and military information

Spartan tag:


Years of service:



Team Romeo/Juliet


Petty Officer 1st Class

"All Mike wants to do is kill Covenant. I have a feeling he'll never live thougth the war."
—A training Officer on what he thinks about Mike-A287

Mike-A287 born Mike Linken was part of Team Romeo/Juliet a close friend of Robert-A037. He wore heavy armor and carried spare ammo and heavy weapons. He was Team Romeo/Juliets Heavy Support. He also feared the number '16'. his call sign was Romeo-9.


Mike was a strong Spartan as a result he wore heavy armor it gave high protection but slowed running time, he was rarely seen without his heavy machine gun.


"Mike? Holly cow your armor is strong you sure your not a Spartan-II?"
—Linda-A179 to Mike-A287 after still standing after a hit from a Hunters Fuel Rod gun.

Mike has armor that was made for strength and it shows it was made for strength, even with it's weight he could move quick.

He worked best with Linda-A179 as they where both good at ambushing enemies, that and he could lay down heavy covering fire while Linda got into close combat with little trouble.


"Mike? This is Robert-A037, respond? MIKE ANSWER ME!!!!"
—Robert-A037 trying to get Mike-A287 on the COMMs.

Mike was killed on August 29, 2552, none of the team knew he was dead, until they found his body, Robert felt like he had killed Mike with the last order he gave him "Get the turret back online." He had died just outside arms reach of the Spider turret Robert sent him to bring back online.

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