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Biographical information



Date of birth:

July 11, 2526



Political and military information




Naval Special Warfare Command


Petty Officer First Class


"I used to dream about coming here as a kid."
— Matt-A058 upon arriving at Nougat.

Petty Officer First Class Matt-A058, commonly known as Matt, is a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. He is stationed with Shadow Team with the call sign Shadow Three.

Personality and Description

Matt is a by-the-book Spartan doing as orderd no matter the risk, He also has a lot of respect for the higher ranks. Getting along with other Spartans was very easy as him and the majority of the Spartans at Alpha Company were just like Matt, following orders without question.


Matt was born in Ezhtergom, Reach on July 11, 2526 and was later conscripted to the Spartan-III program in Alpha Company in 2531. During his training Matt followed every order with such professionalism and wouldn't rest until his objective has been achieved, Matt's ability's were noticed by Kurt-051 and Franklin Mendez who saw great potential in him, Matt then became one of six that were candidates for a special operations team called Shadow Team.

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