"The Matia are our children, we raised them, protected them, condemned them..."

"Your decedance will be the root of your antecedence"




Average height:

4.5 - 5.5ft

Average weight:



Short thin gold fur covering most of body, tail (usually snipped at birth), wide jaw extension, sharp teeth, narrow chin, four ears

Average lifespan:

Naturally 80 years with good health, Augmented for longer life spans

Notable groups:

Matia Empire

Notable individuals:

Aloof Pinip

Other nomenclature:



Matia History Edit

Ancient History Edit

Found native to the planet Sarus in 2715, the golden age of the Milky Way Alliance, the species was abserved and idolized by human researchers who saw the Matia as having exponential potential. This got the Matia species to be placed as a protectorate of the Alliance, the only Protectorate at the time. Over the years it became clear humanity would one day intend to shape the Matia into the heirs of all they had accumulated and one day continue the Mantle of Responsibility.

Modern Matia Edit

Tens of thousands of years after the dissolving of the Milky Way Alliance the Matia were protected and with the absense of their curators continued along the line of advancement eventually after a series of global wars unfiied the species under the Matia Empire, a culturally rich civilization of skilled artesians and warriors.

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