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Lumon Patriot during the Illuminated Empire's civil war

History Edit

The Lumon Republic are the victorious patriots who rose up against the Illuminated Empire and aided in the rebellion of the Scorpionum species. Over five centuries of enslaving the Scorpionum species a liberal political party grew in numbers until eventually challenging the Empires rule and calling for drastic reformations primarily the abolition of slavery. Radical extremists of the party eventually took control and violence erupted when the Scorpionum chose to rebel against the Illuminated Empire and with the help of the Patriots igniting a civil war were able to escape the Empire and three decades later ally with the Patriots in fighting back and crushing the Illuminated Empire and establishing the Lumon Republic.

Scorpionum and Lumon relations grew and the two entities enjoyed trade and cooporative projects eventually leading a joint science team to Installation 02 where they encoutered the Siharthan Species and joined forces against the flood in 2612 until the Orion Alliance arrived and helped quell the outbreak.

Following first contact with the Orion Alliance trade between the two forces was friendly and eventually the collective now known as the System Coalition, to include the Siharthans, Scorpionum, and Lumon Republic, joined the Orion Alliance shortly before its evolution into the Milky Way Alliance.

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