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Nicole Tyson
Biographical information

Full name:

Nicole Julie Tyson













Hair color:


Eye color:


Political and military information





Notable info:

Daughter of Captain John Tyson and Julie Anna-Tyson

Lieutenant Nicole Tyson is the Daughter of Captain John Tyson and Sarah Wilson-Tyson

Early LifeEdit


Nicole Tyson is born on the planet Earth to Julie Anna-Tyson and Captain John Tyson on 10/25/2525 at 2300 hours Military time.


At Age 3 she spent time with her mom while she was on shore leave from her ship just to take the time to spend with Nicole and have some fun with her.


At Age 5 Nicole was infected with a virus by a Covenant Elite that left untreated it would kill her by her sixth birthday, John left in a pelican to find a cure for his daughter deep in Covenant held space with only his wife and a squad of marines the five made it to High Charity the holy city of the Covenant Empire. And they fought the squads of Elites, Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters to the medical bay and Julie took out Nicole from hiding and John put her into a small Cryo-chamber till she was injected with the cure and they waited for five months.


Nicole was at the age of 11 she attended Elementary school and she learned about the war that the UNSC was in against the Covenant Empire and the reason her parents leave her with her grandparents, was to keep her safe and secure if anything happened to them when she heard her father was wounded in battle she was taken to the UNSC Medical center to see her dad and she replied with I understand now daddy why you and mommy leave me with grandma and Grandpa you want to keep me safe and I love you guys for that and don't know what would happen if I lost either one of you out there. she hugged her mom and dad but tragedy struck her and her father.


While waiting for her mom with her father Nicole was getting antsy and her and her father were getting worried and wonder why Julie hasn't showed up or called yet, the few minutes John came back to his mom and dads house stunned and shocked and on his knees crying and Nicole knew what happened she lost her mom.


10 years after she lost her mom she was introduced to a Military woman named Miranda Keyes and she didn't like her at all seeing how she wasn't her real mother the two eventually got along with each other and she knew that her mom would want her to like Mommy's friend.


At Age 17 Nicole joined the UNSC.

Service RecordEdit

Ships she served onEdit


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