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Battle of Draetheus V


First Battle of Requiem

Liberation of Korhall


Human-Covenant Loyalists






UNSC Victory

  • Loyalists threat believed to be exterminated

UNSC insignia UNSC

Covenant Loyalists

  • VADM Preston Heuling
  • CPT Andrew Del Rio
  • CPT William McCann

Chieftain of the Jiralhanae



  • 126 Vessels
    • 20 destroyers
    • 35 frigates
    • 4 carriers
      • UNSC Infinity
    • 1 battleship
    • 3 Hospital ships
    • 32 transports
    • 30 Supply vessels

Marine Corps

  • Entire 1st Marine division
    • 15,000 Marines


  • Field army
    • 150,000 soldiers

Fleet of Infinite Existence

  • Many Jiralhanae


All forces

"The horrors uncovered here will never be forgotten..."
—Fleet Admiral Preston Heuling

The Liberation of Korhall was an engagement fought between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant Loyalists years after the Human-Covenant War ended. The discovery of the fate of the planet shocked hundreds of millions of people, and prompted the UNSC to take action immediately.


"All stations, this is Former UNSC Sergeant Benoy, 1st Marines. Significant hostile presence on Korhall, requesting help. Out."
—Sergeant Benoy while on board the crashed UNSC Miles to Go.

On January 27, 2556 the UNSC Iowa arrived on scene with several colony ships to investigate if this colony is still inhabitable and was immediately attacked by Covenant Loyalists forces, but managed to hold off the attackers. The UNSC Iowa returned to Reach on February 6 and notified the Office of Naval Intelligence, from there it went to the press.

The BattleEdit

The UNSC returned February 27, 2556 with a large fleet of a multitude of different classes, perhaps the most diverse UNSC Fleet in history. The battle took 2 weeks with minimal losses on the UNSC, but the horrors of what the Brutes where doing to the colony world proved too much even for experienced soldiers.

Recovery of SurvivorsEdit

On the 2nd day of the battle, a small group of UNSC soldiers, after being stuck on the planet for years, was found by a Marine patrol and picked up by a Pelican. After being transported to a field HQ, they told the commanding officer what has taken place on Korhall since the destruction of the UNSC Miles to Go. At first, the officer thought she, Kelly Karina, was over  exaggerating of the acts, such as Brutes hunting down and eating/enslaving humans, but after many other groups where found, he called for an extra 3 hospital ships.

UNSC Marines on Korhall

Marines deploying on Korhall, 2556.


It was first thought the Loyalist threat was eliminated with the Battle_of_Installation_00. The discovery of an entire fleet shocked the UNSC, and is now conducting routine patrols looking for any signs of other remnants as of 2565.


January 23, 2556Edit

  • 0800 hours: UNSC Iowa arrives with several colony ships in the Procyon System to investigate the fate of Arcadia and Korhall from last contact in 2549.
  • 0900 hours: The Iowa receives multiple forms of years old distress signals, including Omega Three and Bloody Arrow.

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