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April 9, 2527



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"Awww, that's cute. It thought it had a chance."
— Lauren-A191 commenting on a Sangheili just killed.

Lauren-A191, is a SPARTAN-III/SPARTAN-IV commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command and later Spartan branch. She is stationed with Fireteam Delta with the call sign Delta Four.

Personality and Description

During her time at Delta she picked up the nickname "Guardian Angel", she would often assist people when they least expect it and needed it the most.


Lauren was born on the planet Sargasso on April 9, 2527 and was later conscripted to the Spartan-III program in Alpha Company in 2531. Lauren was by far the best sharpshooter in Alpha Company, this caught the attention of Kurt-051 and Franklin Mendez, who saw great potential in her, Lauren then became one of six that were candidates for a special operations team called Fireteam Delta.

While training with Alpha Company, Lauren had created strong friendships with Daniel-A093, Jeremy-A180, Amelia-A152 and Shaun-A273.

Human-Covenant War

Battle of Earth

During the Battle of Earth Lauren and the rest of Fireteam Delta were stationed in Berlin, Germany.

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