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Lalap was a Special Operations Unggoy who was one of the few Unggoy to be respected by the Sangheili.


Born on Balaho in 2532, Lalap spent 2 years with his native tribe and taken into training facilities. Lalap first saw combat against Humanity during Operation: PROMTHEUS which involved 300 Spartan-IIIs. During this operation, Lalap showed bravery by saving the lives of a small squad of Sangheili's including 1 Ultra, from being over ran and for this was promoted into there squad. Lalap was also present when Noble Six was killed.


He was attempting to sneak up behind Tierra-A212 using Active Camouflage during the Battle of Draetheus V. Unfortunaly for him, she had run out of ammo at the time and stomped his face in. His comrads concidered his death by Tierra's boot an honorable one.


Lalap had taken 1 dogtag as a trouphy from each UNSC soldier he had killed.

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