La Ailon was the most important forerunner planet about before Chr. 3000.


The forerunner technology jumped to tier 10 with a new forerunner tactical warship named Nautilus. That ship got the renewed version of warp drive engines and the most powerful weapon in the universe: works with quantonyum. Its power is 100.000.000% of all halos' power.

That ship was being hidden here. In B.C. 2773, the flood won the 'before first" forerunner-flood war with the help of precursors. The forerunners died out, except a few "backup" memoried sentinels. Their technology tier was only 3. The only one remaining forerunner world was La Ailon, but it was evacuated in B.C. 2775, the eleventh year of the battle, cause of the danger of a flood break-in. The population was 16 trillion but after the evacuation, only the defenders remained to defend the Nautilus. After more than 5000 years, only about 200.000 defenders remained.

La Ailon ForeFunner World


82 lightyears from Earth (hidden)
gravity low
atmosphere 11% N2, 45% O2, 42% H2, 1,5% Qu7, 0,4% CH4, 0,1% H3O
year and day length

147 hours: 5 days

1955 days: 2 years

surf. temp. noonday: 10-60; night: btw -30 and +10
population 4 trillion non-memoried sent. defenders
tech. level tier 10

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