Average lifespan:


Notable individuals:

  • Commander Jake (Infected)
  • Bukh' Durvagn (Infected)
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L.U.R.K (Sometimes called L.U.R.Ks or Lurkers) is a massive organatic species, in the form of a cannibalistic flesh-eating Infection that can consume a living target or corpse, by returning from the dead and to kill the living, which causes that target to become one of them.


No history was recorded about L.U.R.K, however according to some Forerunner data it was found that L.U.R.K was part of the Flood species, but instead of having it as a parasite organism, it was a Infection and was locked up for years and decades on Installation 010. Some data was also founded that L.U.R.K was just a bigger threat as the Flood was, however L.U.R.K was pretty deadly to conceal due to how big it spreads and how much corspes that it can ressurect.

On Installation 010, L.U.R.K was locked inside a secret maximum prison, underneath the Citadel in Installation 010's Canyon. During when the UNSC, Reclaimer Team and the Covenant Culdon came onto Installation 010, that is when the L.U.R.Ks had a chance to escape.

Battle of Installation 010Edit

Battle of IraslEdit

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