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Kyle Gorbonskie
Biographical information




May 2497


Originally Feb. 15, 2531. Reclassified as November 2555.





Hair color:


Political and military information



  • Marine Corps
    • 1st Marine division
  • Arcadia militia
  • 1st Marine Regiment Remnants


Sergeant Major



  • Operation: TREBUCHET

Human-Covenant War

  • Harvest Campaign
  • Battle of Arcadia
  • Fall of Arcadia
  • Fall of Reach*
  • Battle of Earth
    • Second Battle of New Mombasa

PKyle Gorbonskie was a UNSC Marine attached to 1st Marine division during the Harvest Campaign.


Early military carreerEdit

Kyle became friends with Michael Benoy, fighting through several battles in Operation: TREBUCHET. Kyle remained on Eridanus II to with the rest of his division to maintain counter-Insurgency operations, while Michael was sent to Harvest with several other units to train militia for a possible Insurrectionist attack. In 2525 the Covenant attacked Harvest, leading to the UNSC to abandon military operations on Eridanus II, moving most combat units to Harvest. Kyle was part of the UNSC counter-attack. He fought onwards for years, learning about Michael's sacrifice.

After the UNSC victory at Harvest, the Covenant attacked Arcadia. Kyle did not particpate in the immediate battle, but helped strengthen UNSC forces later on.

Fought in Operation: TREBUCHET. Also fought on Harvest, Arcadia, Reach, and later Earth.

At some point he ended up as a Drill Instructor, training new recruits on Reach. His platoon was activated shortly after WINTER CONTINGENCY was declared. He lost the majority of his platoon before they were ordered off the planet.

After arriving on Earth, he continued training new recruits. Developing severe PTSD, he was on the brink of suicide after training slowed down. The Covenant invasion kept his mind together while he fought in the Battle of New Mombasa, as well as the UNSC counter attack, whitnessing the Master Chief die, he managed to ralley routing troops to save the Chief. Eventualy overwelming the Brute forces, he was promoted to Sergeant Major, taking control of the 1st Marine egment.

Civilian life

Abandoned the UNSC shortly after the Harvest campaign. Second Battle of Arcadia brought him back into the war.

Fought for his buddies and those who stood their ground and died for the innocent.

Later military carreer


"Kyle... he died on Earth years after the war. He wanted to be with brothers."
—Rick to Michael Benoy

Kyle survived the war, but his personality was shattered and filled with memories of the war he tried so desperately to escape. After a trip to the United Veterans Administration, he committed suicide in his apartment on Earth.



Finding Her Aurthor's notes.

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