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Star, position:

Procyon, VI


1: Halcyon





1.02 (approx)

Length of day:

26 hours

Length of year:






Surface temperature:

16°C (average)







  • 2531: 32,998,230
  • 2549: 24,782,532
  • 2556: about 500,000

Date of foundation:



Unified Earth Government

Technology tier:

Tier 3


"I don't know what is is about Korhall, but there's something that just changed people..." - Deputy General Naevs

Korhall was a Unified Earth Government Agriculture World. It was founded in 2428 by the UNSC Shish Kabob. Located in the Procyon System, the plannet was unsuccessfully attacked by Covenant in 2531, and was one of the Outer colonies.


Korhall was attacked by the Covenant Empire at the same time as Arcadia and repelled the attack. In 2549 the Covenant returned to the system, and wiped out both Korhall and Arcadia, but used the surviving poulation to hunt and eat. This is the planet for which Brutes would usually spend their R&R time. The capital city of Korhall, Xes, was used as a dirty and partially destroyed palace city.


In 2556 the UNSC sent a small fleet to check on the planet, and were immediatly attacked by Brute Loyalist Forces. And reported back to Reach, from there the press somehow got a hold of the story. Public outcry was so extreme the UNSC sent the largest fleet to excist since the Battle of Earth.


Since 2600 Korhall had practised isolationism. In 2620 tensions started to rise between two political groups; the Nastolvic Society of Korhall and the current UNSC government. By 2643 the tensions are at the breaking point when a new leader named Jerimiah Graves is almost elected Governor of the plent, he has a background with both political party and under stands many problems with both parties. He is very popular with the two parties and is speculated to recieve a 90% vote, without him the government was on the verge of calling UEG assistance. But November 3rd, he is assassinated, their is huge riots, fist fight too much for law enforcement to handle.

Not too long after (February 17), in the capital city, Xes, Military forces are overran and the capital building is overran. A message is sent seconds before the communication room is stormed. Fighting continues for 3 months until a fleet from Reach arrives.

Further UnrestEdit

Korhall has seen peace since the UNSC reinstalled order in 2648. In the year 2720 citizens begin to questions there rights, especially that of women. The colony of Harvest remaned independent from the UNSC and did things different although they where friendly with the UEG. A rebelion started on Korhall and easily defeated Government troops. The colony stayed like this because the UNSC was still binded to documents written almost a thousand years prior. It was until rebels destroyed the CMA Agustus that the UNSC finally intervned with an official declaration of war.

Researches studied the planet for years after and concluded there was something different but unknown. They deemed the planet was unable to sustain peacefull human life.




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