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Biographical information

Full name:

John Ramirez



Date of birth:






Hair color:

Dark Brown

Eye color:


Political and military information

Spartan tag:




"Happy birthday sunshine...."
—John while killing a grunt

Spartan John Ramirez is a Spartan-III super soilder who is part of a Special operations team known as Fireteam Titan. He specializes in small arms weapons as well as Mid to long range weapons.

Early LifeEdit

When John was born on Earth, his mother died shortly before he was born. A few years later when he was 10, his father was killed by a violent gang, alone and living with another family, John ran away from his newer parents and lived within the slums. Later on, he was asked to join the SPARTAN-III program by 2 ONI Officials. When he accepted, he was transported to reach with other recruits to train.


During training, John didn't get along well with other recruits. He stayed isolated from others. However, he did meet Christina Reynolds during Traning and they soon became friends. Later, he and Christina were sent to train for more specialized units.

Fireteam BetaEdit

After they had become Spartan-III super soldiers, ONI decided they needed a team for special operations that could not be executed by standard Spartans. They chose John and Christina as well as another Spartan, Alan Klyde. They soon got along with each other and formed Fireteam Beta. The team served in multiple battles and has executed each operation without any flaws.



During the Fall of Reach, John was present during the battle of New Alexandria. There, he helped multiple civilian and Army transports evacuate the city. Shorty before the Pillar Of Autum left Reach, John and his team boarded a Frigate heading to earth. Later, he would take part in The battle for Earth.

Battle for EarthEdit

After the fall of reach, John boarded a frigate bound to earth. He and his team were then stationed at a military complex in Africa when the covenant invasion began. After many skirmishes, John and his team was then transferred to a UNSC refit and repair station.

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